The bird is in the air

Hi everyone

This is my first attempt at blogging (10 years after the phenomenon started :P).

So why now? Well, first I think it’s a good way to keep improving my english skills and up until recently I thought that everyone was already writing what needed to be written and I didn’t have much to add.

Since my company released an internal tool (XEO Framework – as an open-source product and since I know a lit bit about it, I thought I could make some useful contributions to the web by writing about it, as well as my opinion on other subjects.

I’ll make a more elaborate post about XEO in a bit, this is just to mark the opening of the blog.

For anyone who’s curious about the banner. It’s a representation of Camelot by Alan Lee. I didn’t have any good ideas about what should be in the banner and as I’m a big fan of the Arthurian legends I thought it would fit nicely until I find a better alternative 🙂

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