About me

Hi, I’m Pedro Rio, Software Engineer and all around technology fan.

I’m currently the CTO and Co-Founder of Weldnote – A web application for the management of welding certificates and procedure specifications under ASME IX, ISO 15614-1, AWS D1.1.

Previously I’ve worked at Memeoirs, a cool startup that transformed online conversations into book. Also I’ve worked at ITDS’s R&D Division, the company behind the XEO Framework. I mostly introduced new features and fix existing bugs, while providing assistance to the Services division. I also coached some of the interns as well as providing the content for the open source site.

I’ve graduated in Computer Science Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon in 2007, I’ve also earned my Master of Science from the same Faculty and my dissertation was “An Extensible Metadata Repository for Information Systems“.

You can find my LinkedIn profile here. You can also check my Github profile or my Twitter.

I enjoy music, reading (both technical as non-technical), sports (mainly football, or soccer for those in america), programming and I like to learn new things as well as improving my existing skills.

This blog is basically my notebook and the place where I write some thoughts on technology, hope you like it!


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